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Casinos are changing rapidly in their perception. It was a place where only people who wanted to gamble met and played their stakes. But now casinos are shedding their tainted image to project a more positive one. A place where family and friends can come and enjoy just like a PlayStation.

To further enhance this projection casino have started including more fun and simple games with less stakes. Games that are more enjoyable and can be played with large groups. As well as simple rules so that even people who are visiting casinos for the first time can easily play and not feel left out.

One such game that has been incorporated by us to achieve our above stated goals of image transformation is the extremely popular game of Bingo. Like any other games that you play in our casinos bingo is also a game of odds.The card will also consist of blank spaces that have to be filled by the player.

The basic playing ideology is that the players willing to play this game will be given either a plastic card, paper piece or playing cards with printed five columns and rows. The rows are named with the five letters B, I, N, G and O. There are pre-printed numbers that can range from one to seventy-five.

Once all the players have filled their numbers a random number generator technique is used to generate numbers. The game has different procedure at different places but normally the game starts.

Later there could also be column matching, and other consolation rounds. The player whose numbers in the series match first is usually the winner.

Online Bingo is not limited to casinos and is usually played in social gatherings is not limited to casinos and is usually played in social gatherings.

It usually works as an effective ice breaker.Like any other game there is a certain etiquette code you should follow while playing Bingo at our casino.

There are some of the rules that are followed by almost all the casino and playing zones including us:

All our guests should be above the legal age i.e. eighteen years.

Though alcoholic beverages are permitted in our casino for people of legal age, we appreciate our guests to avoid consuming beverages at the play table.

Any attempt at forgery, cheating or any other malpractice is strictly forbidden.If anyone is caught in any malpractice strict actions will be taken against them

Especially for bingo, the player who has the matching numbers should announce it by saying Bingo, before any other number is announced.

Every player should have a photo identification card with him especially for claiming prizes.

We do not allow food items or beverages from outside for safety and hygiene purposes.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that no two casinos have the same rules. There is usually a difference, it is important to learn about the specific rules and etiquette values expected at the particular casino you are visiting. We expect our guests to understand this. We make sure that we post our rules in all the major areas of our casino as well as we also handout regular pamphlets consisting of instructions.

Even if you fail to read or find an information document we advise our guests to contact our ever helping supporting staff.Bingo is only one of the many games offered by us.

Basic rules are same for all the games but might slightly alter with respect to different game procedures. Our casino is working hard towards improvising our customer service.

We have a team of highly professional and talented employees to help you to enhance your experience. A visit to us will rejuvenate, refresh and make your stay pleasant.

We will help you to create memories filled with happiness and enjoyment. For bookings you can directly call us or visit our website for online bookings.