Win Real Money Playing Blackjack From Home

Your computer is a powerful tool that can convert your home into a virtual casino, where you can play online blackjack for real money. Virtually all of the best online casinos offer blackjack games that you can play by yourself against the house or with up to five others at the same table.

The rules are the same as you would encounter at a live casino on the Las Vegas Strip, yet, you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy gambling excitement and fun. If you know how to play 21 without committing costly errors, you can win more consistently than most players.

Luck always is a factor in whether or not you win money while playing blackjack. But, when you can play perfect blackjack, you can reduce the house advantage against you and can win real money playing blackjack from home.

Play Perfect Blackjack to Beat the House

The casino enjoys an about 3 percent advantage over an average blackjack player when you play online blackjack for real money. But, when you know how to play 21 like a professional, the house only has an about half-percent advantage over you.

The house gets that advantage by simply making you go first after the deal. That gives you the chance to make mistakes that doom your hand. When learn how to play blackjack, you know exactly the best play to make regardless the situation.

Highly skilled bettors do not try to come as close to 21 as possible without going over. Instead, they analyze the dealer’s show card to determine the highest possible value in the house’s hand. If the up card is a 5, you know the dealer doesn’t have more than 16 points in the hand.

You also know how the dealer will play the hand, if it adds up to 16. That’s because the casino always lets bettors know how the dealer will play the cards.

In most cases, the dealer stands on 17 points or higher, or with a hard 16. A hard 16 is when the hand has a six and another card worth 10 points. If the dealer has a soft 16, which is an Ace and a five in the hand, then the dealer usually will have to take another card.

The simplicity of rules makes it possible for the house to maintain its advantage over players. But, you can use those rules against the house and win more often when you play online blackjack for real money.

Learn How to Play 21 Like a Pro

You can learn how to play blackjack online without risking your own cash. Lots of online casinos offer free games without risking money so that you can practice your game and become more confident.

Unlike the dealer, you have many options when you play blackjack online for real money or just to practice your game. You can split your cards when dealt a pair, double down on your wager, surrender, buy insurance, take another card, or just stand.

When you know how to play 21 like a pro, you know exactly the best play to make based on your cards and the single card the dealer shows. The right decision varies, based on the number of decks used. But you always can choose the play that would deliver the greatest potential for beating the house.

You can play perfect blackjack and win a lot of money when you have some luck on your side. The plays you make are based on statistics and probabilities, and that gives you the best chance to beat the house.

There’s only one way to know how to play 21 the best way every time. That way is to practice as often as possible and study strategy charts that tell you the best play to make in given situations.

Many online resources offer basic and advanced blackjack strategy plays that you can study and use when you practice your game. You also can learn how to count cards, but online and land-based casinos will ban you if they determine you are an advantage player who counts cards.

But, when you simply play using basic and advanced blackjack strategy, you do not run afoul of casino rules. Meanwhile, you make it much easier to beat the house by playing the game without making self-defeating and costly errors.